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Created Date : Monday, July 1, 2019

Faculty Bodies 

Torbat Jam Faculty of Medical Sciences mainly aims at training talents through scientific education, research, and expansion of paramedical sciences in order to supply the specialist staff required in the country, setting research and educational facilities to recognize potentialities and enhance the scientific capacity in relation to health and treatment issues and expanding health and treatment facilities throughout the society through affiliated health and treatment organizations and centers. Faculty Authorities have played a crucial role in achieving these goals. Based on the first term of administration regulations for the universities and higher education institutes, the authorities of the Faculty are as follows:


1.  Board of Directors


2.   Faculty Members





The following table represents Faculty authorities and their responsibilities: 


Faculty Authorities


Responsibilities and Duties







Board of Directors

1- Faculty Chancellor

(Dr Mohammad Afkar)


2.Treatment Vice chancellor

(Dr Houman Mohammad Zadeh)


3.Health vice-chancellor

(Mohammad Rahimian)


4.Education Research Student and Cultural vice-chancellor

(Dr Ali Ghariban Firuzkuhi)

1- Making decisions for current affairs of the Faculty

2- Delivering Consultation services on the Faculty Affairs

3- Suggesting the Faculty organizational chart and office reforms to the Board of Trustees

4- Assessing the implementation of Board of Directors’ decisions and supervising the activities of affiliated units

5- Coordinating the vice Chancellors’ responsibilities

6- Surveying administrative and financial regulations and providing projects and agenda to be discussed in the Board of Trustees

7- Suggesting the Faculty’s yearly budget to the Board of Trustees



Faculty Members

Environmental Health :

        1 -      Dr Hamed Mohammadi

        2-         Morteza AhmadAbadi

        3-         Asieh Motealemi


Public Health :

        1-      Jalil Hasani

        2-      Najibollah Baeradeh

        3-      Mostafa Fayazi

   4-   Maliheh Abdollahi

Nursing :

        1-      Mostafa Asar

        2-      Marzieh Ayazi

        3-      Akram Gholami

        4-      Fatemeh Barzegar

    5-  Maryam Seyedi

Fundamental  Sciences :

     1-      Dr Maryam Alizadeh


1-      Education

2-      research and investigation

3-      Personal development

4-      Executive and management activities

5-      Providing treatment services and promoting health

6-      Specialized activities outside the university





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