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TRJUMS' Short-Term Training Programs




At TRJUMS there are a number of short-term programs that international students have the opportunity to participate in. Short-termprograms can range from 1 week to 6 months or more but tend to be less than a year. Such courses are offered predominantly all year round and are run by a range of different Faculties at  TRJUMS’ departments. With decades of experience hosting enthusiastic learners from around the world, TRJUMS can help you make the most of your short time in Iran and dive into your area of study in a whole new way. These shorter-term options are sometimes all you need to enhance your skill set or quickly react to the needs of a particular job opening or employer.


Short-term training programs offered by TRJUMS provide international students the opportunity to experience the most recent theoretical and practical instructions leading to gaining expertise in a specific field based on their intended area of interest. These programs can range from 1 week to 3 months or more but tend to be less than a full semester. They are offered predominantly all year round and are run by a range of different TRJUMS’ faculties and departments.


Not only does TRJUMS provide the opportunity for Individual Tutoring Sessions but it also offers Group Teaching Sessions to prospective international applicants including individuals, universities, educational and research centers in addition to governmental and non-governmental institutions. 


In the following Table, a comprehensive list of short-term training programs offered by the Faculty is presented; however, the Table is consistently updated to fulfill the Faculty’s policy as well as the applicants’ requisite programs. Upon the request of the applicants, TRJUMS has also predicted plans to tailor the short-term training programs to meet the applicants’ requirements and desired objectives provided that the proposed programs comply with the Faculty’s possibilities. Thus, Individuals or institutions can propose other short-term training programs based on their set of objectives or fields of interest. The proposed programs, accordingly, are required to be submitted by the applicants via here.


After all, following successful completion of the short-term training program/s, the Faculty will grant a certificate of attendance to the attendees who have successfully passed all the requirements of the program/s. It is notable that the programs are short-term non-degree based training program type, so the offered certificate cannot be used in lieu of a Faculty degree.  


The following Table features the list of TRJUMS ' Short-Term Traing Programs:


Row No.




Medium of Instruction

admission Requirements

Tuition Fee




Research Methodology

Public Health

6 Months


  • The Pharmacy doctorate (Pharm. D)

  • Master of …. in

  • Bachelor's degree in Public Health





Environmental Health












































Please note that the above Table is being regularly updated.


To apply to TRJUMS' Short-Term Training programs either as an individual or as an institution please click here:




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