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Programs and Tuition Fees

Programs and Tuition Fees



The Language Academy of TUMS International College offers a variety of language programs for different groups of individuals with different needs. The Language Academy mainly addresses TUMS international students and the Iranian students at TUMS International Campus.


Regarding TUMS international students, the Language Academy offers both English and Persian courses. The English courses are for students whose English proficiency level is not satisfactory when being admitted to TUMS. They need to attend the language programs at the International College to improve their English since, for them, all the education at TUMS is in English. The undergraduate MD and DDS students who are required to work with patients later during their education also need to learn Persian in order to be able to have an efficient doctor-patient interaction.


In addition, since most of the materials being taught at TUMS are in English, TUMS Iranian students at the International Campus need to enjoy a practical English proficiency level. As such, they will have to attend English course at the Language Academy in case they don’t meet the admission criteria for English language proficiency.


Also, in line with the internationalization of the TUMS, the Language Academy offers language courses for all TUMS Iranian students, staff and faculty members.


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