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Policies and Regulations

We at the Language Academy of TUMS International College intend to provide an effective training for students who may need English or Persian for their study and work. We believe that learning is the most important reason for being at the Academy and nothing should intervene with that. We are committed to providing students with high quality language courses and a community all students and staff wish to participate in. Below are details of our policies and regulations at the Language Academy of TUMS International College. Please regularly check our webpage to learn about any updates or additions.





1. Attending the language classes is obligatory since the beginning of your study at TUMS and all international and Iranian students are required to attend the classes on a regular basis.

2. In case the Office of Admissions specifies in one’s admission letter that taking the Persian or English courses or both is not obligatory, he or she is not required to attend the classes.

3. The Persian program consists of six levels or courses while the English program comprises of five levels (Please see Programs & Tuition Fees for more details).

4. Regarding the Persian classes, you will be given an oral placement test at the beginning of the language program and the results of this test will determine which course and level you will be able to attend.

5. For Iranian students at TUMS International Campus, in the fields of Pharmacy and Dentistry, the final results of the English classes held by the International College will be recorded as their English course score on their grade report.

6. When applying, international students with IELTS academic band score of 5.5 (minimum) or a TOEFL score of 60, once the authenticity of the certificate has been confirmed by the International College, will be exempted from taking the placement test or attending the English courses. Otherwise, students are required to participate in the placement test and attend the courses based on the results. Students who do not take the placement test will be placed in the lowest level, and the tuition fee will be determined accordingly.

7. Iranian students with IELTS band score of 5.5 (Academic) or a TOEFL iBT score of 60 are exempted from attending the English classes. The above-mentioned certificate must be valid and not expired at the time of registration, and its authenticity must also be approved by the International College.

8. Scholarship for Persian or English programs only covers each course once. That means that if a student fails a course or drop it, the next time they take that course again, scholarship will not cover it.


Attendance & Punctuality


Low attendance is disruptive to the classes. In this regard, please be notified that:

1. Attendance and punctuality in the classes are very important. Students are expected to attend all the classes on time.

2. Regardless of the reason, students may be absent only for 4 sessions during each term. These 4 sessions are merely for emergencies. Authorized absences will be counted as well.

3. Students are marked as late if they are late for more than 5 minutes, and they are marked as absent in case they are late for more than 15 minutes. Moreover, each two sessions that one arrives late, leaves early, or leaves the class for a long time is counted as an absence.

4. No student can postpone or delay his/her language program. In case one decides to drop a course or postpone it to later semesters, he/she will have to pay the full tuition fee for the dropped course and will have to take the placement test again when he/she is back for the language course and continue the language programs accordingly (Please see the Placement Tests section).

Moreover, for the International students whose admission is conditional on attending language courses in the college, not attending or postponing language courses may result in ceasing their academic courses until they finish their language program at the College.

5. Students are required to observe the attendance rules; otherwise, they will have to drop the course and will not be allowed to take the final exam.


Placement Tests


1. Once admitted to TUMS, students are required to take the placement test and participate in the language classes based on the results. Freshmen students and those who have not participated in the College placement tests yet are required to pay $15 to participate in the exam. This amount is non-refundable.

2. Students may retake the placement test only if at least one of the following conditions is met:

  • Only if there is at least a 3 months gap between the two tests. During this time the student is required to attend the classes regularly based on the previous placement test results.

  • Only if the student completes at least one of the proficiency levels specified in the College language program. There must be no gap in his/her attending the classes before the test.

3. Students who have not attended the classes or have dropped the course due to excessive number of absences will not be allowed to retake the exam.

4. Retaking the placement test requires students to pay $50 (or the IRR equivalent) for international and Iranian students.

5. Those who object to the test results immediately after the placement test (in the specified timeframe), must pay $50. Student’s test materials will be reexamined up to a week after the previous exam. Providing that the placement test results change for better, the paid money will be deducted from the student's next semester tuition fee.

Complaints regarding the placement test results need to be submitted to the college in writing no later than a week after the announcement of the results. Also students could submit their complaints about the placement test results up to the fourth session of the classes providing that they participate in all sessions, and this is conditional on the approval of the course professor.

When there is a complaint about one’s placement test results, and in case the college approves retaking parts of the test, there must be no more than one week between the two tests.

6. Students whose proficiency level has been determined but have not attended the classes cannot take the placement test again until they meet one of the conditions in Section 2.

7. Those whose level has been previously determined and have participated in the classes but intend to retake the test, must pay $50, and the fee is non-refundable.

  • Note 1: These students can retake the test, only if they pass at least one level of the classes completely and successfully (see Section 2).

  • Note 2: If students obtain a higher level, the recent test result will be counted.

  • Note 3: In case of obtaining a lower level, the Head of the Language Academy will make the final decision.

8. Students who pass the cut-off score in the placement test (determined by the Language Academy) must participate in a complementary test (Proficiency test) and if they pass the test, they will be exempted from language programs. The fee for the complementary test is $50, and it is non-refundable.


Final Exams & Grading


Active participation in class discussions and the completion of all assignments are essential in obtaining a satisfactory standing. The final examination consists of two parts – written and oral. Taking the oral exam requires students to have scored at least 70 (out of 100) in class participation and the written exam, which will be calculated based on the equation below:


x = (Written Exam * 2 + Class Participation)/3


The passing score for the oral exam is 70 (out of 100). In case someone fails, he or she cannot retake the exam. 


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