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Eye Research Center


The Eye Research Center was established in 2002 in order to organize clinical and professional research, play a genuine role in production and acquisition of knowledge, prevent blindness and develop visual sciences. ERC has established a ‘PhD by research’ program which is authorized by the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education. The infrastructure is provided by the Epidemiology and Ophthalmology Community.


The Visual Optics has also been established to conduct research in imaging, image analysis, and design of optical models in collaboration with the Department of Medical Physics.


This research center was founded by Dr. Hormoz Shams, Dr. Ali Sadeghi-Tari, Dr. Mohammad-Sadegh Farehvash, Dr. Reza Karkhaneh, and Dr. Alireza Lashay. The board of Trustees consisted of the University Chancellor, University Vice-Chancellor for Research, Dr Hasan Hashemi, Dr Hormoz Shams, & Dr Mohammadreza Mansouri.


The 12 faculty members are fully active in the Center trying to achieve goals in organizing clinical research, embarking on professional research, and playing a genuine role in evidence generation, basic science, knowledge exchange and transfer, and prevention of blindness.


ERC Honors

The ERC has achieved the second rank in the evaluation of Medical Sciences University Dependent Budget (UDB) Research Centers university with more than three years of formal activities in 2006, third rank in the evaluation of Medical Sciences UDB Research Center in 2007, second rank in the evaluation of Medical Sciences UDB Research Center in 2008, first rank in the evaluation of Medical Sciences UDB Research Center in 2009, second rank in the evaluation of Medical Sciences UDB Research Center in 2010.


Some innovations and capacity building indicators of the ERC are as follow: Interaction and collaboration with Student Scientific Research Center in developing research processes and arranging scientific tours. Our residents perform surgery on the artificial or animal eyes before having operation on patients’ eyes.


Dean of the Center

Dr Ali Sadeghi-Tari


Tel:  (+98 21) 55 42 10 01-6

Fax: (+98 21) 55 42 10 02

Address: Farabi Hospital, Qazvin Sq., South Kargar Ave., Tehran133364, Iran.


Educational Programs Offered by the ERC




Ph.D. By Research




Short-Term Courses

Ophthalmology Department & Eye Research Center




Varied Subjects

3-month ICO Fellowships

Ophthalmology (Cornea & Anterior Segment) - - - -
Ophthalmology (Glaucoma)  - - - -
Ophthalmology (Pediatric Ophthalmology & Adult Strabismus) - - - -
Ophthalmology (Vitreoretina - - - -

Ophthalmic Epidemiology



Varied Subjects






Training Program

ICO Fellowship (three months) -
Various subjects


Research council member

Mahmoud Jabbarvand-Behrouz

Fellowship in Cornea, Professor & the Chief Ophthalmologist


Ali Sadeghi-Tari

Fellowship in Orbit, Professor


Alireza Lashay

Fellowship in Retina, Professor


Seyed-Farzad Mohammadi

Fellowship in Cornea, Assistant professor

Fariba Ghasemi

Fellowship in Retina, Assistant Professor


Seyed-Mohammad-Naser Hashemian

Fellowship in Cornea, Professor & Research Coordinator


Sasan Moghimi

Fellowship in Glaucoma, Assistant Professor


Mohammad-Taher Rajabi

Fellowship in Orbit, Assistant Professor


ERC Faculty Members and their Research Interests

Mohammad-Reza Mansori, Professor

Eye Emergency


Seyed-Hasan Hashemi-Ghazizadeh, Professor



Mahmoud Jabbarvand, Professor



Fariba Ghasemi, Assistant Professor



Hormoz Shams, professor



Mohammad-Taher Rajabi, Assistant Professor


Alireza Lashay, professor



Ali Sadeghi-Tari, professor   



Mohammad-Naser Hashemian, professor  



Seyed-Farzad Mohammadi, Assistant Professor



Sasan Moghimi, Assistant Professor





Research Center Program Coordinator

Siros Alinia

Tel: (+98) 93 93 92 90 70


All interested applicants are welcome to apply to TUMS by completing and submitting TUMS online application form in which they need to specify their program of interest and the center offering the program.

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