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Research Center for Nuclear Medcine

The Research Center for Nuclear Medicine as the first nuclear medicine center in Iran was founded in 1967 with a focus on educational, research, diagnostic, and therapeutic goals in the field of nuclear medicine. Since 1981, after the establishment of the first nuclear medicine education department in the country, the residency program started in 1983 and more than 90% of the nuclear physicians, who are now working in 124 nuclear medicine centers throughout the country, have completed their nuclear medicine residency program in this center.


The Center has also contributed to the education of thousands of students with different educational levels in different medical disciplines: microbiology, immunology, diagnostic radiology, radiation oncology, biochemistry, radiopharmacy, etc. Publication of many original articles in well-known international journals, chairing many national and international nuclear medicine congresses, achieving valuable international awards as well as obtaining high ranks in the international Razi and Avicenna Festivals are among other achievements of this institute. Iranian Journal of Nuclear Medicine as the only Iranian journal in the field of nuclear medicine is published in this institute. The provided nuclear medicine procedures in this center can be divided into three main categories and include; diagnostic imaging procedures, in vitro and laboratory studies, and the therapeutic interventions which are performed in the treatment ward. There are PET/CT, SPECT/ CT, and SPECT imaging instruments, cyclotron and the inward targeted radioactive therapy facilities. The treatment ward of this center as the largest center for radio-iodine treatment of patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma in the country performs more than 90% of such treatments in the country and is one of the busiest centers in the world in this regard.


The Research Center for Nuclear Medicine was selected by the Center of Medical Education Studies and Development, Deputy Ministry for Education, Ministry of Health and Medical Education as a “Center of Excellence” in nuclear medicine field in 2008 in the country.


Dean of the Center

Mohsen Saghari, M.D.

Tel: (+98 21) 88 63 33 33

Address: Research Center for Nuclear Medicine, Shariati Hospital, North Kargar Ave. 1411713135, Tehran, Iran.


Research Center’s Faculty Members

Mohsen Saghari, M.D.

Professor, Nuclear Medicine and Internal Medicine


Mohamad Eftekhari, M.D.

Professor, Nuclear Medicine and Pathology


Armaghan Fard-Esfahani, M.D.

Professor, Nuclear Medicine


Davood Beiki, Ph.D.

Professor, Nuclear Pharmacy


Babak Fallahi, M.D.

Associate professor, Nuclear Medicine


Fariba Akhzari, M.D.

Assistant Professor, Nuclear Medicine


Alireza Emami-Ardekani, M.D.

Assistant Professor, Nuclear Medicine


Saeed Farzanehfar, M.D.

Assistant Professor, Nuclear Medicine


Mehrshad Abbasi, M.D.

Assistant Professor, Nuclear Medicine


Parham Geramifar, Ph.D.

Medical Physicist



Center’s Journal

Iranian Journal of Nuclear Medicine is a peer-reviewed biannually journal of the Research Institute for Nuclear Medicine, covering basic and clinical nuclear medicine sciences and relevant applications such as molecular imaging, functional and metabolic investigation of diseases, radiobiology, dosimetry, radiopharmacy, radiochemistry, instrumentation and computer sciences, etc.


The "Iranian Journal of Nuclear Medicine" is indexed and abstracted in the world-known bibliographical databases including SCOPUS, EMBASE, EBSCO, Index Copernicus, IMEMR, SID, IranMedex, DOAJ, ISC, and Magiran.


Further Information and Inquiries:

Armaghan Fard-Esfahani, M.D.

Address: Research Center for Nuclear Medicine, Shariati Hospital, North Kargar Ave. 1411713135, Tehran, Iran.


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