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As a student of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, you will get to experience a busy and memorable life on campus. Apart from your classes based on weekly schedules, you have tons of activities to pursue on campus.


First of all, at TUMS, academic work and endeavors are not limited to classrooms, libraries and laboratories. Each week, different schools host various conferences and gatherings concerning different topics and in different fields. You can look for such activities and partake. For some events, you may be asked to act, or be given the choice to volunteer, as a member of an event’s organizing committee. These are wonderful opportunities to engage in different tasks and get to know your classmates and friends in a new environment. 


Also, different student associations and groups are also active in different schools. Their range of interests is extensive and includes activities such as scientific or academic work, different publications and magazines, recreational pursuits such as mountaineering etc.



You may also opt to participate in sports. TUMS has numerous sports teams for both girls and boys in different fields, as well as the necessary resources and equipment to train and support its athletes. If you are skilled in a particular sport and would like to pursue your interest as a member of a team, you can compete for a place in one of the university’s teams. Be aware though: The competition is fierce!

In TUMS, we place high value on recreational extra-curricular activities. Full-time, non-stop studying without experiencing other aspects of life does not have a place in TUMS. We encourage our students to engage in recreational and leisure activities, as well as bringing their A-game to the academic arena. With this mindset, we at TUMS use every opportunity to organize events and activities for our students. These events include tours to places around Tehran and Iran, holiday celebrations, various student competitions, exhibitions, workshops etc. Be on the lookout for these events and make sure to find some time in order to participate in as many as you can.


The most important aspect of being present on campus is the high level of interaction and engagement you get with your peers. It is highly important, for any university student, to establish and maintain connections with numerous classmates and friends from the same academic environment. Studying, talking, dining, walking, and all other imaginable activities can help you grow and develop as an individual, provided that they are carried out in your social group. Fortunately, the great number of TUMS students at different levels, Iranian or international, means you have a unique opportunity to fulfill all your expectations of a vibrant and active university community.


Life at TUMS and its one-of-a-kind academic and non-academic environments will most certainly provide you with a special way of life. Don’t miss out on experiencing it first hand!


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