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Shahed University

Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery


Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery accepts the students in the following programs:     

Academic Major




Operating Room Technology


Geriatric Nursing


Critical Care Nursing






Details of Programs


BSc in “Nursing” 

“Nursing” is a branch of health science that deals with health care – based on the knowledge and necessary professional capabilities – to maintain and improve the health of individuals, families, and society in physical, psychological and spiritual aspects from prevention to rehabilitation.

The program, a four-year degree program which consists of 8 semesters, entails training committed and well-trained experts in the field of nursing which will be able to use the required knowledge and skills to endure the many duties of nursing in the field of education, coordination, support and protection, therapeutic caring and research.

The aim of the program is to train graduates who are able to use up-to-date knowledge, and with reliance on skill and competence, faith and commitment, compassion and kindness, professional ethics and effective communication provide professional nursing care services from preventive to rehabilitation stage using standard methods and tools.

The main objective of the program is to teach students how to achieve required skills, to provide supportive-caring, as well as counseling services for adults and the children in clinical settings, families, and community.


BSc in “Operating Room Technology”

Bachelor of Science in “Operating Room Technology” is a branch of medical sciences. Over a period of 4 years (8 semesters) and under the supervision of respective instructors, students learn the principles of practical work in operation rooms and are oriented to the process of different surgeries. Operating room technologists are an essential part of the medical team who are in close contact with surgeons and anesthesiologists to provide treatment and the required optimal care for the patients. The increase in the number of different kinds of surgeries, alongside with the population growth and longevity (the elderly need more surgeries) on the one hand, and the fast pace in technological advancements on the other hand, has led to significant changes in surgical technology. To help technicians to have a better perception of their roles and responsibilities, the current program has been planned for the operating room personnel-to-be.

The aim of the course is to train dedicated and skilled personnel equipped with the new knowledge and technology to:

  • provide the optimum and effective therapeutic caring services, according to patients' physical and emotional needs – before, during and after surgeries – especially in specialized surgeries
  • prevent hospital acquired infection during surgeries
  •  be able to maintain the medical devices and equipment properly


MSc in “Geriatric Nursing” 

Under holistic policies and with the aim of upgrading health level of the elderly in the society, “Geriatric Nursing” postgraduate program (with 32 course credits and 4 compensating credits) trains well educated nurses with the required skills to provide health care, rehabilitation and social care for the elderly, in a way that these graduates will be able to integrate the advanced knowledge of geriatric nursing with the other related disciplines. By the way, they will be able to apply geriatric nursing theories - making use of problem solving skills and decision making based on the evidence - in this field.

 The aim of the course is to train well educated graduates with the abilities to promote the nursing care quality, decrease mortality and complications of aging, and maintain and promote personal, familial, and social life of the elderly.

The main objectives of the program are as follows:

  • Training well educated graduates with both the required knowledge and skill in the field of geriatric care in the family and community
  • Training well educated graduates with both the required knowledge and skill in the field of educating and counseling elderly people on individual, familial and social levels with taking into account the three stages of prevention
  • Training well educated graduates for research with the ability to execute and conduct research projects and programs in the field of geriatric health


MSc In “Critical Care Nursing” 

The master's program of “Critical Care Nursing” (with 32 course credits and 4 compensating credits) is a  specialized branch of nursing which focuses on optimizing the nursing care for critically-ill patients who are in need of critical care, while strengthening the fundamentals of management, education, research, professional behavior and ethics, providing the necessities for rendering standard nursing care, decreasing mortality and disease complications in critical care units. 

The aim is to train well educated and skilled graduates with the required abilities to promote the nursing care quality and decrease mortality and complications of admitted patients in the critical care units.

 The Main Objectives are as follows:

  • Acquiring knowledge, attitude, and required skills in the field of critically-ill patients care
  • Acquiring abilities to use the tools and management skills to increase the effective factors in nursing care, decreasing complications and mortality in critically-ill patients
  • Acquiring the knowledge and skills in educating and counseling the patient, family and the workers in the field of caring system for the very ill patients (critically-ill patients)
  •  Acquiring the ability to create and execute research programs in the field of critical care for very ill patients (critically-ill patients) and producing clinical evidence





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