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Shahed University has been established without any limitations inspired by historical command of Imam Khomeini dated in 1986/ 3/26 to create educational and training facilities as well as essential researches in higher education courses for the Martyrs` offspring, previous war prisoners , missing ones, the handicapped of imposed war  and Islamic Republic who are eligible and qualified scientifically in different levels such as bachelor of science or art, master of art or science, Ph.D., based on approved regulation of Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution and fundamental agreement of secretary of healthcare and medicine, science, information and technology as a center of education and training.

This university started its activities in October 1990 with the capacity of students in 7 courses and currently there are 176 courses are studied and taught in colleges in various levels such as bachelor of science or art, master of art or science, Ph.D. Shahed University which has provided cultural, research and student activities by a peaceful and scientific environment and by obtaining first cultural rank in the state in previous years  has accepted numerous students in Higher education.

Campus (Pardis), a comprehensive scheme of university, located  adjacent to holy shrine of Imam Khomeini and central building of university, library, gyms and swimming pool, human science faculties, basic science, agriculture and engineering are all involved in comprehensive scheme, faculty of medicine, dentistry, nursing, art and research centers in  whole parts of Tehran. 

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