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Operating Room Technology

Created Date : Monday, March 12, 2018   Update Date : Sunday, April 8, 2018   


The operating room is a branch of medical sciences, during which students learn new operating principles and new surgical techniques in specialized and specialized surgeries, and learn and assist the management of the patient before, during and after the operation. Graduates from the healthcare team will be part of the surgical team to assist in the implementation of an optimal surgical operation in the operating rooms of the hospital.



  • The ability to prepare the operating room environment with aseptic (sterile and infectious) techniques.
  • Applying the correct principles of positioning (giving the patient).
  • Enough vision from the site during surgery (with the help of retransmitters, gases and suction)
  • Understand the proper techniques for helping the surgeon in hemostasis (blocking bleeding).
  • It will speed up surgery by anticipating the needs of the surgeon.
  • Knowledge about normal and pathological anatomy and physiology.
  • Knowledge of emergency situations.
  • Taking into account the operating room safety notes, keep the equipment in the operating room and provide safety conditions for the patient and other persons in the operating room.
  • Have high organizational skills.
  • Knowledge and practice about the basic concepts of patient care and surgical techniques.
  • In order to provide proper care of the patient, the principles of aseptic (sterilization and disinfection) are practically applied.
  • The ability to play the role of a scrub (handwashed) person in all basic surgical procedures and specialized surgeries.
  • Responsive behavior and professional attitudes are anticipated by a person in the healthcare-therapeutic profession.
  • Knowledge and ability to carry out skills related to a mobile person.
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