Envisioning Iran as one of the major hubs of higher education in the future, Education Iran will strive to lower the drawbridge between Iran’s higher education and the world which awaits outside. We recognize our country’s great potential in contributing to the global higher education community, and, more than ever before, we are willing to work toward realizing this potential. Education Iran aims to act as the main gateway in introducing Iran’s higher education to the world.


We believe in providing every individual with the most suitable educational opportunities. We believe in, and constantly work toward, a global society where people are able to follow their dreams. Our motivation lies simply in the desire to offer the world the best of what we have. In our sights, we see the goal of entering and remaining in the global higher education society. It is based on these ideas that Education Iran will operate and that is not going to change.


We have embarked upon a journey to push beyond perceived limitations and raise conventional standards. We hope to be able to do our share to constantly improve Iran’s, and the world’s, higher education landscape, and to provide international students with the chance of benefitting from our resources. We are only in the beginning and the road ahead is long. Yet the future looks highly promising.





In its agenda, Education Iran has listed many responsibilities. Our main aim is to develop an effective system which monitors and governs a great portion of Iran’s higher education system in terms of its involvement as an educational destination of international students.


As an organization with primarily international roles, Education Iran will become the main administrative face of Iran’s higher education system. It will provide the necessary information about each and every aspect of higher education in Iran, including rules and regulations, information about Iran and its various cities, information about individual universities, rankings, scholarships and funding opportunities, etc.


Education Iran will be the system through which all applications to higher education institutions in Iran will take place. As this is the case, such processes will be greatly facilitated for individuals and universities alike. Furthermore, through this organization, international students and other interested individuals or groups will have easy access to comprehensive and current information about Iran’s system of higher education and its higher education institutes, as well as up-to-date news including, but not limited to, subjects, student populations, events, and the like.


From another viewpoint, Education Iran will provide domestic higher education institutions with opportunities to have a constant presence in the international higher education community and maintain productive interactions with other educational entities around the world. In due time, Education Iran will be able to provide these educational organizations with valuable information regarding number of students, potential target populations, trends and patterns in demographic statistics, etc.


In order to achieve our purposes, it is of the utmost importance to present a unified system of higher education to the world. It is imperative to work closely with all our member organizations to recognize and realize common goals. Putting Iran on the map in the global higher education landscape is a vital necessity; a necessity which Education Iran has promised to fulfill.







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