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According to the public relations of Larestan School of Medical Sciences, vaccination of all nursing students will be completed before the start of the new academic year.

Razieh Rahmati, Vice Chancellor for educational affairs of the nursing school said: after the announcement of the Ministry of Health regarding the vaccination of Covid 19 for trainees and interns in the fields of nursing, medicine, and etc., the faculty of Nursing announced the call for the vaccination of the nursing students. She also said that after the vaccination announcement on 13th and 29th of May 2021, the interns present in Larestan and Shiraz were vaccinated with the Sinofarm vaccine’’. She also said that following the second vaccination announcement on the 16th of August, the students enrolling in the internship program in Larestan were vaccinated. Razieh Rahmati further emphasized that following a vaccination license issued by the Deputy Ministry of Health on the second of June 2021, all students applying for the vaccine were given a letter that allowed them to be vaccinated with the Covid 19 vaccine at their place of residence. She wrapped up by stating that the counselling professors of the School of Nursing will monitor the status of the vaccination of the students under their counselling by calling them. She assured that his process would be followed until the end of the vaccination program.

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