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After the announcement of the Ministry of Health regarding the vaccination of COVID-19, measures were taken for the vaccination of the students of the School of Health. These measures were in line with the covid-19 vaccination program in Larestan University of Medical Sciences. The students who were enrolling in the internship program in the region were vaccinated. The students were also informed that those present in Larestan or Shiraz region could be vaccinated in these two regions. Accordingly, a number of students were vaccinated. Moreover, the faculty informed the students who were not present in the region through the student council and the student representatives about the vaccine vaccination program and the fact that they could be vaccinated in their city of residence. Subsequently a letter of introduction was issued to the applicant students to vaccinate in the city of residence. A vaccine status report was written by the counselling professors and the students who had not been vaccinated or had not taken any measures to be vaccinated were requested to be vaccinated in Larestan, Shiraz or in their place of residence as soon as possible.

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