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According to the public relations of Larestan University of Medical Sciences, Dr. Zahra Keshtkaran, the Vice Chancellor for Education, Research and Student Cultural affairs of Larestan University of Medical Sciences, sent a message congratulating doctor’s Day:


The name of God the Merciful

“Oh whose name is medicine and remembrance is healing”

The 1st of Shahrivar, the birthday of the great Iranian scientist and physician Abu Ali Sina, is the day of high-ranking human beings who, by acquiring medical knowledge, dressed in the guise of humanity, wisdom and morality, sacrificed their fruitful lives to the human society. This day is a good opportunity to pay special tribute to the sincere and selfless efforts of the doctors in the Islamic republic of Iran in the nearly battle against the coronavirus in the last eighteenth months. Physicians who always guarantee the health of the society, the mental security of patients and are the angels of salvation who heal the body in pain with their lofty souls in the shadow of divine grace.

While congratulating the caring colleagues of the medical community for Doctor's Day, I pray to God Almighty for the pride and future success of all physicians.

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