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As reported by the Public Relations office of Larestan university of Medical Sciences and Health Services, Dr. Zahra Keshtkaran, the Vice-chancellor for Educational, Research, Student and Cultural Affairs, stated: By the grace of God, support and aid from dear benefactors of great Larestan, Chancellor of Larestan university and all the professors and staffs of the department, 8 new new bachelor’s programs "Midwifery, Pre-hospital Medical Emergencies, Radiology Technology, Bachelor of Science in Anesthesia and Food Industry (This course would be provided in Evaz School of Health), Physiotherapy (This course would be provided in “Khonj”) and 2 master programs in Nursing (Emergency and Eged care), after going through the needed processes, would provide for a bright horizon for a better Larestan university of Medical Sciences and Health Services.


While thanking the benefactors and venerable philanthropists for supporting and helping to faculty upgrade, Dr. Keshtkaran added “It is important to know that developing bachelor’s programs are not limited to current approved Fields and it is possible to develop and set up other new fields especially master programs based on the development of infrastructures; persistent actions are in progress as well and are to be announced as soon as they are carried out.


She said: The number of majors of the faculty from 1366 till now are 3 in the faculty of nursing including Bachelors of Nursing, Operation Room, and discontinuous Bachelor of Science in Anesthesia and in Evaz School of Health, they include Majors in bachelors of Public Health, Environmental Health, Professional Health and Human Nutrition.  Currently, by approving 8 new bachelor’s programs for the very first time Advanced Studies at Larestan university of Medical Sciences and Health Services will be available. For continuation, it is necessary to take some actions in completing other human forces, remaining appliances and providing an educational environment based on the potentials available and visits from specialty boards of the fields stated.


Dr. Keshtkaran stated: “undoubtedly, the presence of 503 educating students, acceptance and noticeable ranks of more than 100 graduates of this faculty in master education amongst many medical universities of the country with great ranks and acceptance of more than 10 students in PhD fields is a great honor for university.”

It is worth mentioning that these accomplishments result from the continuous follow-ups of administrators of the faculty in 30 face to face and online meetings and finally confirmation in the 280th expansion council of medical universities on 99/11/13.


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