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Please be informed that if the admitted students have not succeeded in doing the antibody titer, health certificate, letter related to the disability form, they have time until the end of January 2021 to send the 3 mentioned forms by mail to the following addresses.

Also, answering is done only through the following numbers and during office hours

Address to send the original documents of the admitted students of Larestan School of Medical Sciences and Health Services:

Larestan, Dr . Dadman Highway, Next to Imam Reza(PBUH) Hospital, Hazrat Zainab(PBUH) School of Nursing, Educational Affairs, Postal Code of Nursing School: 74318-95639

Educational Affairs Answering Phone:

07152247110- 07152245009

Local Telephone Direct Phone

272-226 07152252718

Student Culture Affairs Answering Phone:

07152255512-16 local: 185

Response Time: From 8 to 14:30 working days other than holidays

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