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According to the public relations of Larestan University of Medical Sciences, Dr .Zahra Keshtkaran, the Vice Chancellor for Education, Research and Student Cultural of Larestan University of Medical Sciences, congratulated the birth of Hazrat Zainab (PBUH) and Nurse’s Day. In the text of this message:

In the name of God, the most Gracious, the most Merciful

Everyone who has received the services of kind nurses understands and knows how effective the role of nurses is in giving health to patients"

The Supreme Leader

25 / 7 / 2001

The 5th of Jamadi Al-Awali, the anniversary of the blessed birth of Hazrat Zainab (PBUH), that was named Nurse’s Day due to her patience and self- sacrifice in caring for the wounded of the Karbala caravan is an excuse to respect the holy presence of Aqila Bani Hashem. We appreciate the valuable nurses who, with the help of Hazrat Zainab (PBUH) and the benefit of their expertise, are committed and artistically serving the patients and sufferers of the society.

The support and sacrifice of the health system nursing community in the fight against Corona Pandemic (Covid-19) is an exemplary evidence of the purposefulness and commitment of this compassionate and cultured group and in Islamic Iran, the nursing community has become a huge force that carries out its valuable responsibilities with divine motives and obedience to its sacred model.

While congratulating the prosperous birth anniversary of the lady of Patience and Endurance, Hazrat Zainab (PBUH) and Nurse’s Day to each of the dear and hardworking nursing students of Larestan University of Medical Sciences, I ask God Almighty for the well-being and success of these loved ones in the shadow of the attention of the Hazrat-Vali-e-Asr and following the instructions of the Supreme Leader in achieving the lofty goals of the system of health

Dr . Zahra Keshtkaran

Vice Chancellor for Education, Research and Student and Cultural affairs

Larestan School of Medical Sciences and Health Services

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