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About Jiroft
Geographical features:
Jiroft city with a population of about 130,429 people (according to 2015) is located in
the east south of Iran in Kerman province. The county of Jiroft has three types of
weather: hot, cold and moderate. But the city of Jiroft has a warm climate. Its height
from the sea level is 650 meters.
Economic features:
Jiroft is an agricultural and non-industrial town. It has agricultural and fertile land,
and most of its land is under cultivated of greenhouse. Also there are many palm and
citrus orchards in Jiroft. Jiroft is known as small India due to having very fertile








Historical features:
According to historical documents and archaeology data, Jiroft civilization dates back
to seven thousand  years ego. The artifacts of this civilization are exhibited in the Jiroft
archaeology museum.
Jiroft airport:

Tehran- Jiroft 
flights are served by this airport.







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