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Iran University of Medical Sciences (IUMS) shines in Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings with a leap of more than 130 places, securing a rank among the World’s top 600 universities

In an interview with the University’s Public Relations’ correspondent, Dr. Moghtadaei, the Vice-Chancellor for International Affairs mentioned that “thanks to the continuous efforts of the University’s faculty and staff towards innovation and entrepreneurship in health sciences, IUMS had improved in both national and international ranking by Times Higher Education for the third year in a row.” This year, IUMS had secured an international rank of 501-600, placed 4th nationally among all Iranian universities, and was recognized as the 2nd best medical university in the country.
Times Higher Education World University Rankings is one of the most prestigious international ranking systems, evaluating the World's most well-recognized academic institutions annually. The ranking system is based on five evaluation criteria, including education, research, citations (each weighing 30%), international prestige (7.5%) and industry revenue (2.5%), in terms of 13 quantitative indicators.
This year, a total of 1,527 universities from 93 countries were ranked by Times, the results of which showed an improvement of 130 places in the overall ranking of IUMS among all participating universities compared to last year. This year, 47 Iranian universities had taken part in this ranking process of which 9 were medical science universities. IUMS outperformed other academic institutions in the country and the region in several categories referenced by the Times ranking system, remarkably achieving the 55th place in the Times Impact Ranking, while ranking 4th nationally and being recognized as the 2nd best medical university in Iran – all of which attest to the University's commitment to the fulfillment of its mission aimed towards improving the quality of health science education and research.
Dr. Mogtadaei congratulated this significant accomplishment to the University community, reiterating that this achievement would have not been possible without the continuous support of the University’s Chancellor, Dr. Koohpayehzadeh, as well as the other University officials, faculty members and staff. Finally, he wished the University community future success in serving the country despite the many challenges posed since the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Iran University of Medical Sciences (IUMS) national and international ranking
according to Times Higher Education from 2019 – 2021 


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IUMS world ranking

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