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Welcome to Iran University of Medical Sciences (IUMS), where excellence is nurtured, pursued, and celebrated.

IUMS is an ambitious and vibrant institution that prides itself on its distinct approach to teaching medical sciences that responds to the needs of the new generation of Medical Sciences students. We empower them to enrich their education through participation in a multitude of pro bono opportunities, internships, student organizations, and a wide array of new careers for which a medical education is critical.

The University is poised for the growth and expansion of a number of its constituent schools by including other health institutions and ensures the ongoing relevance of its academic programs and the continued excellence of its teaching, learning, and research.

IUMS is accredited by the Accreditation Services for International Colleges (ASIC) as a Premier University from 2014-2019. This is the first step of being an accredited international university.

IUMS is also participating in the MARHABA Project, an opportunity to study internationally to increase the quality of higher education and create intercultural discourse through student and staff exchange with 9 European universities.

In keeping with this philosophy, the University is committed to ensuring that its communities of interest are well-informed of its goals and activities.


Dr. Jalil Koohpayehzade








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