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History :

Iran University of Medical Sciences (IUMS) was first established as a medical center in August 1973. Initial planning of the University in 1974 lasted less than 2 years and began with the establishment of a library, by gathering several thousand scientific journals and books in different branches of medical sciences. Because of its direct communication via satellite with the American Medical Information Center, it was considered one of the most important medical centers at the international level.

Activities was commenced in 1976 with the only affiliated hospital Iranshahr Clinic (Shahid Rahnemon Hospital). Thereafter, the School of Nursing and Allied Medicine was established at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Three more undergraduate majors in ( Blood Banking, Radiology and Laboratory Sciences ) were also added to the program. The center was officially taken over by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education in 1989.

Currently, the institution operates as Iran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, one of the largest medical and educational complexes in the country. With a 40- year background, 752 faculty members and more than 6500 students, IUMS is considered one of the main universities of medical sciences in the country. IUMS operates eight schools, twenty -seven research centers, two institutes, and ten teaching and seven non-teaching hospitals in Tehran, which are run by the Board of Trustees and Administrative Office.


Aims :

The aims of Iran University of Medical Sciences include:

-Training personnel in order to secure, maintain, and promote the health of society

-Treating and providing health services to society

-Establishing an international presence in educational and research services

-Maximizing customer satisfaction


Values :

- Continuous improvement of systems and processes

- Cooperation with affiliated organizations to improve the quality of educational and research services

- Creating new ideas for treatment and health programs

- Using professional and ethical standards in all educational and research activities

- Gaining internal and foreign customer satisfaction

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