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Iranian cuisine is often referred to as "Persian." This is because, until 1934, Iran was known as Persia. The Persians are an ancient culture believed to have originated in central Asia as far back as 2000 B.C. The Indians also adapted foods from the Persians. When the Moghuls invaded India in 1526, they brought with them ingredients from the Persian cuisine, which they highly admired. Dishes such as kofta (KOFtah, meatballs) and pilau (POO-lau) are now common to both Iranians and northern Indians. The kebab (cubes of skewered meat) is become one of Iran's national dishes.

 Persian dining habits and customs differ greatly from those in the West.  There is a rich history of food and culture in Iran.

Providing food for the students in an appropriate quality & quantity is one of the responsibilities of the Dinning Office.

This office is also responsible for monitoring the preparation and cooking of the foods.


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