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Main goals for Dormitories Affairs


Creating a beneficial and healthy environment to up-bring and develop the campus Students

Admission, registration and accommodation of foreign students

Create security & arrangement in the hostels.

Supply and optimization of environment for residents


Dormitory’s Rules and Disciplinary Regulations

Dormitories are parts of university which all their occupants should obey their rules and disciplinary regulations to get the best services such as extracurricular, sports, subsistence and etc.

If all the facilities be accessible, the eligible students can use them in specific period of time as below:

AD and MD = 4 semesters, MD = 8 semesters, MS = 5 semesters, PHD = 14 semesters


General Provisions

          It is necessary caring your ID card with yourself and presents it if needed.

          Dorms and rooms which you are staying may be changed for any legal reasons and students should be stay in the place, chosen by university or dorm manager.

        Dormitory affairs department is responsible to choose the roommates and number of housed according to the rooms capacity and students should accept it.

        Any kinds of replacements and relocations in dorm rooms should be done under the dormitory affairs department and there is no permission for students does that.

          If any of students leave the dormitory more than two weeks without permission his/her residency will be canceled.

        Graduates, dropouts and expelled students don’t have permission to stay in dorms or university.

         For girls, being out of dorms at 21 o’clock for first half of the year and 20 o’clock for second half of the year is forbidden.

          For boys, being out of dorms at 24 o’clock is forbidden.

        Students are responsible about keeping their rooms, environments (reading hall, sports hall, prayer hall, TV hall) and dorm clean.

         In order to keep students dignity, any kinds of photography and filming, without dorms department permission are forbidden and for those who denied, there will be treat according regulations.

          Doing all the activities (making noises, contentions…) which bothering the others are forbidden.

         TV, radio, computer and all the audiovisual tools if will be permitted to concern the others and dorm rules and disciplinary regulations.

        Wearing all the unusual clothing (short, tin, tight, loose and underwear) are forbidden and students who acts contrary to the principles of community will be prevented in dorms.

         Any kinds of movement or transferring of dorm public properties are prohibited by students.

         Any kinds of switching or changing the room’s lock are prohibited by students.

          Students are responsible about any kinds of damages on dorm properties which occur by themselves.

         In dormitory, smoking and owning any kinds of tobacco tools are strictly prohibited by students.

         Keeping, buying, selling and using any kinds of illegal tools, such as gambling tools, cassette, illegal CDs, and all musical instruments are prohibited by students.

         Students are responsible about reporting any kinds of room tool failures, and if they don’t, or becoming to fix it themselves, all the financial and injuries are on their own.

        In order to prevent unpleasant matters, dorm supervisors are allowed to enter the rooms and check them all by spare Keyes and students should cooperating with them.

          Girls can stay with their relatives by indicating their relation, address, phone numbers which introduced and confirmed before by their parents, only few days in month.

         Except interns and assistance, it is prohibited for all the students staying in dormitory at summer vacations or Nowruz holidays.

          Students are responsible to care about individual and public hygiene and dorm supervisor will monitoring the quality of execution of Health regulations.

          In the events some students ignoring health regulations and supervisor notifications, students dorm authority will be cancel by accommodation council.



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