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Traditional Medicine Complex of IUMS


Based on WHO definition, Traditional Medicine is sum of total of the knowledge, skills and practices based on the theories, beliefs and experiences indigenous to different cultures, whether explicable or not, used in maintenance of health, as well as in prevention , diagnosis , improvement or treatment of physical and mental illnesses.

The terms complementary/Alternative/Non- conventional medicine are used interchangeably with traditional medicine in some countries.


Iran University of Medical Sciences has an active traditional medicine complex consist of:

1. Research Institute for Islamic & Complementary Medicine (RICM)

2. School of Traditional Medicine (STM)


1.  RICM has been located in a historic monument which is one of the Iranian valuable cultural heritage called “Pirnia” belonging to Mirza Hassan Khan Moshir-ol Doleh, prime minister of Iran at the time of the Qajar dynasty. This building is located at the middle of a beautiful garden (area: approximately 2500 sq.m.). This institute is the first place which started and organized the academic education of traditional medicine in Iran. It has started its official, research and educational activities (training PhD students) since 2001 under the supervision of Iran University of Medical Sciences with sincere attempts by Dr.M.Esfahani. At first all of the research and educational activities in traditional medicine and Pharmacy field was done in this building but after 8 year all of its educational activities were transferred to STM. Now, the institute continues its activity just as a TM research center.

2. STM has been located in another building belonging to Iran University of Medical Sciences. The main educational activities for PhD and MSc. Students training is performing in this building after getting the establishment license from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MOHME), from December 2015 till now. Faculty of traditional medicine of Iran University of Medical Sciences and traditional medicine (TM) clinic are located in this building at Behesht St.

Another parts of this complex are: Library and Laboratory.

Research was started in 2004 from the institute. In about 12 years of research activities, 260 research projects have been received which more than 60% of them (158 cases) have been approved. 95 cases have been ended. 96 English and 61 Persian articles (Total=157), (ISI=73 and PubMed=12) were published. The rest of the articles published in scientific journals without Impact Factor (IF). 28 books have been corrected, translated and published during these years. Latest H Index of this institute is 10.There are 3 research groups including:

o    Cardiovascular diseases in ITM (Head:Dr.R.Ghods)(MD,PhD)

o   Prenatal care in ITM (Head:Dr.E.Jafari)(MD,PhD)

o   Wisdom and Philosophy (Head:Dr.M.Arezaii)(PhD candidate)

RICM Library has started its activities since 2007 with revival of more than 4000 books and ancient manuscripts in traditional medicine field or other related sciences.  Books are in medical field and general and specialized subjects such as Islamic medicine, history of medicine, herbalism, traditional Chinese medicine, Unani medicine, traditional medicine, conventional medicine, medical ethics, …, in English, Persian and Arabic and Ordu language.

Training of PhD students was started in 2007. Now, there are 54 PhD Student, 16 graduated students in PhD degree level. History of Medicine (Master degree) was started in 2013. Now, 17 Master degree students are studying at the STM. Total number of faculty members is 8 (4 male/4 female, all of them are assistant professors).Number of approved Thesis is 40 (≈%60 of them have ended) and number of workshops are more than 76. Some short courses of traditional medicine and complementary medicine for doctors and para-medicals have been hold up to now. Launching to start the PhD course of traditional Pharmacy in STM is the other main goal for next future. Overall teaching space in “RICM & STM”: ≈500 sq.m. There are 3 educational groups including:

o   Traditional Medicine (Head:Dr.F.Amini)(MD,PhD)

o   History of Medicine (Head:Dr.M.Rajab Nejad)(PhD)

o   Traditional Pharmacy

TM Clinic has started its activities since 2010. The average of monthly visits is: 600 patients. It consists of different parts include:

o   The patient examination rooms

o   Wet Cupping & Phlebotomy room

o   Massage Therapy and Manipulation Rooms

Laboratory was started in 2006. Its activities include: Education and research, Pharmaceutical preparations, Standardization of herbal medicines, to determine the chemical composition of medicinal plants, to determine the scientific names of medicinal plants.

Finally, the main goals of this complex are:

1. Research

2. Education, Improving the quality of education in traditional medicine by implementing educational surveys, review curriculum and prepare a database of successful and unsuccessful treatments of traditional medicine

3. Collection of books and historical documents

4. Application and development of knowledge in the fields:

o   Traditional, Islamic and Complementary Medicine

o   History of medicine

o   Traditional Pharmacy

5. Establish and promote international relationships for developing all the abilities in these fields.






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