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Tuition fees, duration and Expenses


The tuition fees for international students vary based on course, duration and level of study according to the following table:



Duration and Tuition Fees



Fee (per semester)

Associate of Science 2 years (4 semesters) around 750 USD

Bachelor of Science (BSc.)

4 Years (8 semesters)

around 1000 USD

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

7 Years (14 semesters)

around 1500 USD 

Master of Science (MSc.)

2 Years (4 semesters)

around 1000 USD

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

4.5 Years (9 semesters)

 around 2000 USD

*There will be a 10% rise in tuition fees annually.


Dormitory Expenses:

The fee for dormitory depends on what kind room a student chooses to reside based on the following table:

Type of Room

Fee (per semester) USD

A room for one person

around 30$

A room for two persons

around 28$

A room for three persons

around 23$

A room for four persons

around 20$

A room for five persons

around 20$

A room for six persons

around 17$

A room for seven persons

around 17$

*Probably, there will be around 30% increase for the foreign applicants.

**There will be a 10% rise annually.


Food Expenses:

The price for food which is served in the university restaurants is around four dollars (1 dollar is equal to 270.000 Rls, August, 2021) for lunch, dinner, and breakfast monthly.

In addition to the tuition fee itself, an international student needs to verify that he or she has the funds for living costs during his/her stay as a student. The student should be aware that other life expenses (including items of clothing, books, stationaries, food, dining out, health insurance, etc.) for single students is approximately between 150 to 250 USD per semester. However, there are a subsidized charge for accommodation (housing and food) for the students as mentioned above.



Discounts in tuition fee depend on the student's average score per term based on the following:

For the average 17 = a 10% discount

For the average 18 = a 20% discount

For the average 19 = a 30% discount

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