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The Gymnasium

The gymnasium located at the center of the campus is a relief after a hard day studying or at the weekends. It is newly-constructed and equipped with modern air-conditioning systems. It is around 6000 square meters with basketball, volleyball, tennis, and handball courts.



The Holy Prophet Mosque

The mosque is a comfortable and well-furnished worship place for the staff and students most of whom regularly attend it for prayer three times a day at the campus, in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. The mass prayer is performed by a clergyman who preaches the worshippers between or after prayers. The mosque is a nice place for religious gatherings on different occasions. It has a seating capacity of 200 people with high-quality audiovisual facilities, LCD projector, library, kitchen, and air-conditioning system.


The Laboratories

The laboratories equipped with highly advanced technologies and facilities help students to put into action what they have worked on theoretically in classes. The students can flourish their ideas through conducting research projects under the supervision of their instructors and publishing genuine research papers in international journals which are indexed and abstracted in valuable databases. The laboratories are as follows: 1) Chemistry and Biochemistry Laboratory, 2) Immunology and Hematology Laboratory, 3) Microbiology, Mycology, and Parasitology Laboratory, 4) Cellular and Molecular Sciences Laboratory, 5) Research for Cell Culture Laboratory, 6) Center for Teaching Clinical Skills, 7) Center for Clinical Skills of Intensive Nursing Cares, 8) Immunity and Physical Hazards Laboratory, 9) Environmental Health Laboratory, and 10) Language Laboratory


The Computer Center

The computer center including 108 PCs in separate cabins is the venue for obtaining information via the internet. The center includes two large halls for boys and girls and one unique partitioned hall in which computer classes meet on a regular base.


The Central Library

The Central Library started in 1985 and launched its programs and activities in the following areas: purchasing and collecting information resources (books, journals, CDs, etc.), organizing and preparing the resources, and disseminating knowledge. The library consists of a wealth of information resources for students, faculty members, and researchers, a list of which appears below:

---44590 books (in Persian and English),

---6109 Electronic resources (journals, books, photos, etc.),

---10 Periodicals in English,

---160 Periodicals in Persian,

---313 research projects and theses, and

---2030 Educational CDs, videotapes, and cassettes

The library is a three-storey building in which different departments/Halls/Rooms are located as follows:

First Floor (Journal department, Serial Reading Room for Boys with a seating capacity of 30 students, Serial Reading Room for Girls with a seating capacity of 50 students, Preparation Department, A'l-e Yasin Cultural and Religious Library, Newspaper Archives, Binding Department and Reprography, Journal Archives, and Lobby),

Second Floor (Stack and Circulation Department, Reading Room for Boys with a seating capacity of 40 students, Reading Room for girls with a seating capacity of 60 students, and Lobby),

Third Floor (Processing Department, well-known Persons Museum, recording and Transmission of satellite programs, Research Hall for Boys majoring in MSc and PhD levels, Research Hall for Girls majoring in MSc and PhD levels, CD-Internet-Medline-Electronic Journal Department, Server Room, and lobby).

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