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To learn Persian, the applicants may attend the Persian classes for foreign students for one term in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (FUM). The FUM is located in Mashhad city which is 267 km far from Gonabad. Those who attend these classess will not be able to start the courses in Gonabad university of medical sciences (GUMS) at the same time. So, they can start their studies at GUMS the following semester after spending one semester in FUM learning Persian. However, if the applicant is intelligent enough, s/he can learn Persian at GUMS as all the stduents speak Persian and s/he may have a tutor for help in case it is necessary. Also, s/he can attend private courses for learning Persian by paying extra fees for tutors. The tutors endorsed by the GUMS are PhD holders in Persian language and experienced enough to teach Persian to non-speaking Persian students.

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