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The central restaurant located in the campus offers both lunch and dinner to international students at a reduced price at university workdays, i.e. Saturday to Wednesday, i. e., it does not include holidays. However, there is no worry about the holidays and weekends because the dormitories possess well-equipped kitchens which let the students cook easily. If the students do not have time to cook or simply do not like cooking, they can call a catering service, and they will deliver the food to them.


Yet, there are other options for those who would like to eat out. Some good restaurants and fast food restaurants are available all over the city. The students may have the opportunity to experience a wide range of foods, ranging from traditional Iranian foods to fast foods and pizzas in those restaurants.


There is also a restaurant in the boys’ dormitory. To serve food at the university restaurants, the students have to reserve it electronically through the GUMS website at least two days before they want to order.

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