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Hereby, I would like to welcome honorably you to visit Gonabad University of Medical Sciences (GUMS) through this website. GUMS is located in the beautiful and historic city of Gonabad, nearly in the northeast of Iran. The university was founded in 1986 and currently consists of four independent schools of Medicine, Allied Medical Sciences, Health, and Nursing, admitting students at ASs, BSc, MSc, and MD levels in 28 fields of study. It possesses one educational hospital (Allam-e Bohlool Gonabadi Hospital) and several health centers offering health and medical services to a population of 1500000 within a distance of 100 kilometers from the city center. The university carries out its duties with about 1900 students majoring in different fields, 109 faculty members of different ranks, about 1700 personnel, the capacity to hospitalize 387 patients in its two active hospitals, 65 medical specialists with different specialties, 70 general practitioners with medical degrees, 16 dentists, 14 pharmacists, and 15 active EMS road base. All the authorities, officials and personnel at GUMS are working hard to create a brighter future for the university.


Best Regards,


Dr Javad Bazeli

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