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About khalkhal university of Medical Sciences (khalums)

Khalums was founded in 1993 by training nursing and midwifery students as nursing and midwifery school and an affiliate of Ardabil University of Medical Sciences.

Khalums was upgraded to Khalkhal University of Medical Sciences with approval of the university Expansion council in 2011 years and admitted environmental health

engineering and Bachelor of public health students in B.Sc. It had been independently school in the region in 2017 years. Khalums has admitted nutrition sciences

students in summer 2019.

In moment, Khalums 334 students have in fielded nursing, midwifery, environmental health engineering, public health and nutrition.



Khalkhal University of Medical Sciences relying on capabilities and contributions of human resources and also the use of other internal resources and peripheral

opportunities is committed to play an effective role in case of community health, education and research.

Khalums is now one of independently school of Ardabil University of Medical Sciences in south of province with 1 hospitals in operation. The faculty for teaching and

using students in various fields, equipped with clinical skills lab, biochemistry lab, microbiology lab, computer site and library.

The Khalkhal University of Medical Sciences also benefits from the full time and invaluable corporation of academic staffs including assistant professors and




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