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Khalkhal city with 2000 years old is located in the south of Ardabil province. Khalkhal city is the largest city of Ardabil province after Ardabil.

This city is on the north side of Kosar city on the east side of Gilan province on the south side of Tarom city of Zanjan province and on the west side of the city is

about 105 kilometers to the Mianeh via Firouzabad.

Khalkhal city is located at 48 ° 32 min longitude and 37 min 37 ° latitude from Greenwich meridian.

Khalkhal is a mountainous area, this region in terms of climate has mild summers and cold winters. Due to its geographical location and mountainous conditions, the

region has the most interesting mineral hot water sources, the most prominent of which is Khalkhali Mineral Hot Water with the local name East Su in Sinjid, in the

distance from the cities of Givi and Khalkhal and Til mineral hot water are in Shahroud.

In this important river city of Ghezelozan, Hirochai, Shahrood, Arpachai and Sangabad flow to the south and eventually flow into the Caspian Sea.

The population of Khalkhal city was 86731 people, according to the census of 2016 y.

The county consists of three districts: the Central DistrictKhvor Rostam District, and Shahrud District. The county has

three cities: HashatjinKolowrand Khalkhal and 138 villages.

Majority of population speak Azeri Turkish language. 

 Natural sites



















  • Asalem - Khalkhal road, and Laezeh countryside on the way to Khalkhal
  • Andebil Village
  • Aznav cold spring in Khojin village
  • Bash bolagh and gharkh bolagh spring
  • Qaragosh Cay and Si Gore Gore Falls in Kelly Village
  • East Su in Sinjid and Til mineral hot water are in Shahroud
  • Yemen's ancient fortress in the north of Gilwan village title here
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