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The Medical Laboratory Sciences Department serves the undergraduate stdudents and covers several comprehensive medical laboratories.

Basic Information:
Program Type: Degree Based
Level Of study: Undergraduate
School / Faculty:
Major (Name Of Program): Medical Laboratory Sciences
This program contact information:
Telephone: 06153265364
Mobile: 06153265364
Email Address:
Address: Medical Laboratory Department, Next to Abadan Airport, Abadan, Iran.
Contact Person Name: dr.sara mobarak
Program Detail:
Length of Training:
Language Requirement:
Admission Requirement:
Programs Spotlight
Practical courses for Master of Science in clinica

The following practical course will be well done with an emphasis on the skill of students for working with laboratories instruments such as Electrophoresis, Chemiluminescence, Column Chromatography (Ion Exchange), Elisa, Gas chromatography, Atomic Absorption, and HPLC.

Joint meeting of Abadan and Basra Universities of
This meeting was well done in order to discuss and exchange the scientific visions between the two universities. In the meeting, it was decided that cooperation between the two universities on issues such as the exchange of professors and students and conducting joint research projects will be achieved in the future.
Special Offer for Feb 2022 Semester

Medical University of Isfahan (MUI) Start Applying For february 2022 Intake.

UMSU'S Applications are now open

Urmia University offers M.D. , D.D.S. , pharmacy, master of Health. Allied Medical Sciences and Nursing & Midwifery program.

Molecular Detection Laboratory (Corona)

Abadan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services

Deputy of Education, Research and Technology

Molecular Detection Laboratory (Corona)

Considering the corona virus as being pandemic, Molecular Diagnosis Laboratory (Corona) was inaugurated by the order of the President of the University, Dr. Salmanzadeh, with the assistance of the Vice Chancellor of Education, Research and Technology, Dr. Mubarak, and with the participation of the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Shariati in less than 40 days at the location of the Vice Chancellor for Education, Research and Technology.

In order for the main diagnostic equipment of the laboratory, including Real Time PCR, nanodrops, microcentrifuges devices and etc., the potential of the laboratories of the Deputy of Education, Research and Technology was used, and thus the above-mentioned equipment was transferred to the Molecular Diagnosis Laboratory with the cooperation of Mr. Malaeke, the head of the laboratories. In addition, the list of defects of the equipment and consumables that have been prepared by the experts of the laboratories of the educational deputy was given to the medical equipment unit and the then technical manager of the laboratory, Dr. Kavari, in order for purchase. After eliminating the defects and preparing a safety standard, the above-mentioned laboratory was built and provided to the Deputy of Treatment and Health.

Sampling and diagnostic tests began on May 4 in two shifts in the morning and evening (and sometimes according to the need and number of samples as a night shift) with the presence of two technical personnel and two admission and response personnel.

Molecular Diagnosis Laboratory (Corona) of Abadan University of Medical Sciences, with timely diagnosis of samples of patients suspected of Covid-19 and performing an average of 200 tests daily, takes a big step to meet the health needs of citizens of Abadan, Khorramshahr and Shadegan.

become true  signing the contract between Abadan U

This will become true by signing the contract between Abadan University of Medical Sciences (AUMS) and Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS):
Admission of International Medical and Paramedical Students in Abadan
After the signing of contract between Abadan university of Medical Sciences and Tehran University of Medical Sciences, the Dean AUMS announced the admission of international medical and paramedical students in Abadan.
Dr. Shokrollah Salmanzadeh stated this morning: This contract is aimed at launching an international campus and developing educational and research activities and strengthening the country's scientific authority in the world, especially in the region. This will become true by considering the successful history of TUMS as well as the unique location of the faculty of AUMS (located in the Arvand Free Zone and adjacent to Iraq country).
He stated that the duration of this contract has been determined to be 30 years and this issue it will be evaluated and reviewed once every 10 years based on pre-determined goals.
The Dean of AUMS, noted that the two sides will do their best to admit international students in the first semester of the current academic year.  In addition international students in the fields of doctor of medicine), pharmacy and dentistry; Nursing at the master's and PhD levels and at the undergraduate level in the fields of anesthesia, operating room, radiology, medical equipment, clinical nutrition, emergency and health; Will be accepted upon receipt of designated fees.
It is worth mentioning that this contract was signed by Dr. Abbas Ali Karimi, President of TUMS, and Dr. Shokrollah Salmanzadeh, President of AUMS.

Publication of 3 official articles of the faculty

 quoting the Department of scientometrics, 3 separate articles by Dr. Farshid Ghanbari, Dr. Mostafa Mahdavianpour and Dr. Forootan; Faculty members have been published in Q1 journals

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