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 Before Arrival

  • Inform the International Relation Office, Foreign Student Education Center about your interest in studying at ZAUMS University
  • Ask for a letter of acceptance for study from ZAUMS University
  • Arrange necessary items like accommodation in Zahedan, duration of your study stay, financial sources. Inform the office for student affairs at your home intuition of your intent to study abroad. Arrange subject of study at host institution, travel tickets, insurance etc.
  • Finally, prepare all documents needed for stay in Iran/Zahedan (passport, visa for some countries, permission for a long stay in Iran). For more information ask international relations offices or the nearest Iran Republic Embassy.


First Days

  • Arrival in Zahedan
  • Information meeting with international officer
  • Accommodation of student
  • Personal visit to foreign police, registration, and completing materials for stay in Zahedan-the international relations officer will accompany you on this first visit.
  • Meet with a representative of university of faculty
  • Receive information material about University, material about Zahedan
  • Information about services provided by international relations office to international students
  • Detailed information about study and time schedule of lectures
  • Information about conditions for accommodation. Receive list of contact persons
  • International Students may also ask for an e-mail address at faculty, possible use of internet and information about courses in the Persian language


During your study

  • International students can visit International Relation Offices during opening hours or by arrangement made by e-mail
  • International students can visit university library
  • International students usually have a coordinator or teacher to help with academic issues.




Numerous accommodation options are available at ZAUMS Campus, both on and off-campus, including condominium high-rises and dormitories primarily used by undergraduate and postgraduates.

Of course, most students choose to live in the student dormitories. Please contact our university about dormitory space before your arrival. Please apply for accommodation before the end of September. After September, places may not be guaranteed. If you would like to rent a room off campus, you may discuss it by e-mail with the International Relations Office or with coordinator’s in departments, but the research will be up to you. Accommodation in the dormitory is more reasonable than accommodation in town. 




Lunches are served in student restaurants within the university campus. Lunch tickets at student prices are available. Restaurants and fast food are also available.


Computers and Internet


Each academic School on campus has its own computer lab and the office of the Information Technology Manager has a computer lab on the ground floor with over 40 computers equipped with high-speed Internet connections. Computers with Internet connections are also available in campus libraries, and each campus dormitory room provides network access.


Library, Study Room


There is one university central library with branches at all of the hospitals.




The university has one swimming pool and a fitness center with weight equipment, sauna and aerobics, available for use by students, faculties, staff and the general public. To use all health, fitness, and exercise equipment, students and staff are required apply for membership at student deputy of various types such as 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. A medical certificate, easily and inexpensively available from any doctor, is required for membership.




Several stores on campus offer a variety of basic necessities and student supplies. The university cooperative store in the student union complex stocks groceries, personal and household products, gifts and assorted items. Nearby are two convenience stores and the university bookstore, which sells textbooks, school supplies, newspaper, sports equipment, and similar items. Off-campus, the commercial district across University Road in front of the campus has many shops and restaurants.




Bank meli Iran has a branch on campus and you can also open a account in a small branch of BMI located on campus, and also, several ATMs are on universities campus: ATM of Meli Bank, ATM of Refah Bank.




All students are covered by the health insurance plan for treatment at Zahedan hospitals. Additional medical services are also available at the Dental Clinic at the Faculty of Dentistry. 

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