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 Admission Requirements:


General Conditions:


  1. No legal prohibition to study or reside in Iran
  2. The approval letter of corresponding Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  3. Having physical and maternal health
  4. Having the credentials of previous grades approved by competent authorities
  5. Fluency in Farsi or English


Specific Requirements:


Specific eligibility in accordance with notifications put for the admission of domestic students


After ensuring that the applicants are eligible for admission, the following process is followed:


  1. The International Relation Office (IRO) receives the applicants’ documents along with the application from and sends them to the committee of the policy council.
  2. After the initial admission, IRO sends the applicants documents to Educational Affairs Management of the University. Afterward, the needed papers are sent to the office of student s affairs in order to get the verification of the Ministry of Health.
  3. Educational Affairs Management sends the application to IRO after getting the ministry approval.
  4. IRO introduces the applicant to the Iranian embassy in the applicants’ country to get his/her student Visa.
  5. After the applicant arrival in Iran, he/she goes to the office of the superintendent of foreign students to get a one-year residence permit.
  6. IRO introduce the applicants to the director of educational affairs for registration. A letter is also sent to the Office of Student Affairs as well as Security Management of the university.
  7. Educational Affairs Management registers the applicant and keeps a copy of the following documents:
  • Confirmation letters of the Ministry and IRO
  • Pervious academic degrees of the applicant sealed by the Embassy of Iran
  • Original degrees (for confirmations)
  • Copies of passport and student visa
  • Confirmation letter of the vice-chancellor for education regarding tuition payment
  • Correspondences with non-academic organizations
  • Educational papers
  • Visa checks (each semester)
  • Transcript of the students and graduation degree


Admission Capacity


Maximum capacity of accepting foreign students is up to 20persent of the annual admission capacity of the university. This capacity is reported to the office of international relations by the vice chancellor for education every year.

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