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Non-Iranian Non-scholarship Students:


These are the students that have got a non-Iranian passport with a valid degree approved by authorities. These students are obligated to pay all the costs of their education and welfare personally, according to the conditions reported by ZAUMS officials.


Educational Affairs Management (VC for Education)


    Setting Educational affairs in compliance with the effective regulations

  2. Following the required corresponding with the relevant authorities pre0study, during and after the study

  3. Issuing graduation certificate


International Students Admission Office (office of International Relations)


  1. Receiving and considering primary documents of the applications
  2. Communications with applicants and providing the needed information
  3. Preparation of applicants files for evaluation in the select committee
  4. Compiling and proposing admission regulations to the admission council
  5. Submitting admission reports to the Admission Council
  6. Considering the welfare, educational and cultural affairs of non-Iranian students


The Indexes of Non-Iranian Students Admission Council:


  1. The applicant’s field must be among the identified priorities
  2. The applicant must have the specific conditions specified in the regulations
  3. The applicant must have other indicators notified by the competent authorities


The Indexes of Educational Departments for Evaluating Postgraduate Applicants:


  1. Scientific capability plus educational & research background of the applicant
  2. Appropriateness of the applicants initial field of study to the applied course based on the regulation put by Admission Council
  3. Other scientific indexes announced by competent authorities


The applicants of PhD courses need to gain a minimum point of 60 out of all the indexes (provided that the applicant get 25 out of 50 points of the educational department’s index).


Admission Deadlines


The Deadline for delivering applicants documents per semester is three months prior to the start of the semester based on the educational calendar of Zahedan University of Medical Sciences (semester start on 23 September & 21 January). Documents submitted after the deadline will be reviewed for next semester. 

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