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ZAUMS University offers you interesting lectures provided by well qualified and experienced teachers. You can make comparative independent study or course work between ZAUMS and university (ies) of your choice. In addition and in collaboration with other faculties we can assist you in the preparation of your independent study program. At ZAUMS University. International student will experience pleasant atmosphere and receive special attention.


The meaning of education has completely evolved in the recent years. It is no longer a mere transfer of knowledge and experience from one generation to another, but also a device to improve international bonds and share cultural elements.


In this regard and to develop its outstanding rank among medical universities, ZAUMS accepts a number of non-Iranian students (especially those form Islamic countries) in different fields. The aims of this policy are:


  • To compare with the prominent universities of the country and region in terms of quality and knowledge production
  •  To introduce ZAUMS as one of the top ranking medical centers of the country in international level
  •  To develop international relation in scientific and cultural aspects
  • To introduce Iranian culture and talent to the world




  •  The following is a list of objectives to be followed in the VC for education:
  •  Supporting talented young Muslim and helping Islamic countries to develop
  •  Providing appropriate environment for dissemination and development of Iranian-Islamic culture
  •  Developing scientific and cultural ties other countries to improve the country position in international arena
  •  Introducing ZAUMS to the international community
  • Competing with other medical universities of the region through an increase the number of international students
  • Training committed medical specialists to help scientific self sufficiency of Islamic countries
  • Providing a suitable ground for further introduction on Islamic Republic to the world
  • Expansion of Persian language and literature 


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