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The Road Ahead

The Zahedan University of Medical Sciences and Health Service (ZAUMS) founded on 1986 in Zahedan city, Sistan & Bluchestan Province, the southeastern part of the I.R.Iran. At this time, this university, due to the specialized capabilities and the Islamic Republic attention to develop border areas, had speedy growth in process of development and prosoerity. The University can be characterized as a young, dynamic university with international orientation. The aim of the co-operation with foreign partners is to reach compatibility of the stracture and forms of study with similar schools abroad and solve joint projects. One of the strategic plans of the university is the participation in international programs. The most important scientific and technical capabilities of ZAUMS can be noted to different the Specialty and Professional Departments such as Ophthalmology, Heart and Vascular Surgery, Cardiology, Kidney Transplant,Dentistry, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Laboratory with Prenatal Thalassemia Testing.

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