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Frequently Asked Questions


 1.   What kind of weather should I expect in Yazd?

The days remain mild and sunny, but in the morning the thin air and low cloudiness cause very cold temperatures that can sometimes fall below 0 °C. Sometimes cold air blowing can produce some very cold weather.

Weather during the spring period in Yazd is typically fairly mild and most of the rainfall seen in Iran occurs during the spring and winter periods but in Yazd it is not as much as other places .Yazd is the host of many tourists in this season.

Summer weather in Yazd is typically very hot and dry. It is not uncommon for the temperature to exceed 40 degrees centigrade during this period. The sun shines almost continuously during this season.

Like the spring, autumn is a fairly short season in Yazd and it’s advisable to visit at this time .

2.      How are the semesters organized?

The academic year consists of a Fall and a Spring semester, the first commencing late September to December and the second from February to June.

3.      What are SSU plans for the students’ accommodation?

 All dormitories of the University are unisex. Girls’ dormitory is located inside the International Campus where single, double, and triple rooms are available as well as suites.

Boys’ dormitory is 10 km (30 minutes) far from the Campus at the downtown.


4.      How should I dress for the campus?

Iran is a country with a dress code and respecting Islamic rules including “Hijab” or the Islamic dress-code is a necessity in Iran. Basically, the rules are quite simple in this university: for men, no short pants or extreme short sleeve and tight shirts. For women, head and hair must be covered, and it is also necessary to wear something loose to cover the body which is called “mantou”.


5.      What is the main postal address for Shahid Sadoughi University?


International Campus:

5th km Bafq-Old Rd.

Yazd, Iran

Telephone: +98 (35) 3836 7502

Fax: +98 (35) 3836 7636


central Administration O

Yazd, Iran

Telephone: +98 (35) 3725 8410

Fax: +98 353 7254750


6.      Where can I access the Internet while I am visiting the SSU campus?

 Internet access is available via wired or wireless connection to the University network.


7.      Is there a specific program I should attend if I have some problems with my English or Persian?

Shahid Sadoughi is a pioneer University in Iran having an independent University Language Center (ULC) where various courses in General and Academic English are offered to the students and faculty members according to their specific academic needs. Also ULC holds short-term courses of teaching Persian to non-Persian speakers.

8.      Are there any sport facilities for the students?

 Sport faculties are offered for SSU affiliates including fitness center, soccer court, volleyball, table tennis, five-a-side football, and badminton. Also the University is on contract with a swimming pool out of SSU.

9.       Are there any programs for taking tours and sightseeing?

 There are various entertaining programs for the students during an academic year including the desert tour, mountain climbing, moon sighting, and Yazd traditional architecture.

A one-day tour of Yazd is held at the beginning of each semester for better orientation with the city.


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