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Welcome to Yazd


UNESCO’s World Heritage City

Written by: Maryam Nikfard, 2016


Yazd is one of the oldest cities of the world with a history of over 5,000 years which has remained intact throughout the centuries. It is located in central Iran with a population of over one million. Being separated from the modern areas, the historic part of the city with its earthen architecture has been carefully conserved and protected. The historic city of Yazd was inscribed on Unesco’s World Heritage List in July, 2017.
Yazd is known as the oldest earthen city in the world and the second most historic city of the world after Venice in Italy.



Living in Yazd

Thanks to its location, Yazd has remained immune to the history wars. Visitors feel and enjoy the atmosphere of peace and tranquility.
Nice rhythm of life, calm streets (low traffic), high safety, and cleanliness make Yazd a peaceful place to live. As compared with other large cities, living cost is quite low in Yazd as one with a minimum of 300$ a month can easily afford life expenses.
The people of Yazd have preserved the honesty, civility, and dignity of their ancestors and are well known for their modesty and hospitality.
They speak Persian with a sweet Yazdi accent and are mostly Muslims while Jewish, Zoroastrian, and Christian minorities coexist peacefully in the province.



The Weather

During the spring and autumn, the weather is fairly mild while most of the rainfall occurs during this time. The city is the host of many tourists in these seasons.
Summer is typically very hot and dry in Yazd with the sun shining almost continuously during the day.
In winter, days remain mild and sunny, but in the morning the thin air and low cloudiness cause cold temperatures that can sometimes fall below 0 °C.




For 24 consecutive years, Yazd has been ranked first regarding the number of students passing National University Entrance Exam thanks to high quality schools and skilled instructors.
Yazd is the home of many popular politicians, international leaders, scientists, poets, writers, and artists.



Tourism Destination

Yazd is a must-see city for the tourists and is always listed as top five places of Iran to visit. Beside historical aspects, Yazd is one of the developed cities of Iran. Traditional hotels in historical part of the city as well as luxurious ones in the modern part host international and domestic tourists.
Walking through the old living town, sightseeing, visiting the museums, enjoying the nature and exploring the desert make memorable moments for the tourists during their stay in Yazd.

Visitors can enjoy an unforgettable experience in Desert Tour while being amazed by the greenness of the countryside in just 40 km away from the city.



Health Care System

Regarding health indicators and distribution of health resources, Yazd is one of the top developed cities of Iran. Committed and devoted physicians accompanied by specialized and high-tech health care and clinical facilities, as well as lower expenses of medical care, have made Yazd a pioneer in tourism therapy serving a considerable amount of international and domestic patients.




Always known for the quality of its silk and carpets, Yazd today is one of Iran’s industrial centers. With 14 main industrial areas, one especial economic zone, and 15 main agricultural lands, Yazd has become one of the most technologically advanced cities of Iran. The largest manufacturer of fiber optics in Iran as well as the main ceramic floor tiles and textile producers of the country exist in Yazd. There is also a considerable jewelry industry.




Diverse, pleasant, and healthy confectionery has made Yazd the capital of confectionery in Iran with an international popularity. Yazd is also the main provider of Sesame products in Iran. With reasonable prices you can enjoy your time in wonderful restaurants serving Iranian foods as well as international ones.



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