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The program focuses on the care of older adults presenting specific health care needs of the elderly.


Geriatric Nursing Care


The program focuses on the care of older adults presenting specific health care needs of the elderly. Nursing approaches to providing appropriate care for the elderly and related ethical and legal issues are presented in a variety of courses. This program is presented in three semesters through theoretical and practical course and students are required to defend their thesis on the last semester.


Assumed Knowledge    

  •    Foundations of nursing knowledge
  • Nursing theory
  • Legal and ethical issues
  •  Fundamentals of research
  •  Human bioscience
  •  Psychology and sociology as related to practice
  •   Principles of investigative approaches in nursing
  •   Concepts and theories relevant to practice
  •    Ability to access and evaluate information from a variety of sources, skills in critical analysis


Common courses


  •  Epidemiology
  •   Elderly Health Assessment
  •   Geriatric  pharmacology and complementary supplements
  •     Active and healthy aging
  •   Elderly nursing 1. Diseases, functional and physical disorders
  •   Elderly nursing 2. Psychological conditions, mental diseases and disorders
  •   Elderly nursing 3. Social problems
  •   Facilities and health care systems for older adults
  • Issues in Aged Care
  •  Clinical and Corporate Governance in Aged Care
  •  Introduction to Nursing Practice in Chronic Disease Management and Palliative Care
  •    Foundations of Chronic Disease Management and Palliative Care

Duration of program

Two to three years (four to five semesters)



School of Nursing & Midwifery, Bou Ali St., Safaieh, Yazd, Iran   


Admission Capacity for each year

Two to six students for each academic year


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Basic Information:
Program Type: Degree Based
Level Of study: Master's
School / Faculty: School of Nursing & Midwifery
Department: Department of Geriatric Nursing Care
Major (Name Of Program): Geriatric Nursing Care
This program contact information:
Email Address:
Contact Person Name:
Program Detail:
Length of Training: ---
Language Requirement:

Some courses are presented both in English and Persian. Students should make sure to have at least intermediate knowledge of English as well as Persian. Since effective communication between clinical team and patients is critical to the delivery of care, all students especially those in clinical fields should be familiar with Persian.


Admission Requirement:

If you have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, you can apply for this program now.


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