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Pharmacy education lasts around 6 years and require high school diploma. Successful students achieve a Pharm D (Pharmacy Doctor) degree at the end of their studies. An Academic year consists of two-semesters and there is a two-week break between the semesters. The school’s curriculum provides students with the opportunity to develop their skills both in theory and practice. The curriculum provides graduates with the opportunity to work in indust

Pharmacy Doctorate (Pharm. D)




Graduates are expected to have optimum knowledge of pharmaceutical sciences and solve the society problems in this regard.

The overall objectives of this course include:

  •   Meeting the educational and research needs of pharmacy
  •  Being familiar with scientific and practical research in pharmaceutical sciences
  • Complete recognition of drugs information in pharmacopoeia
  •  Ability to manage general and specialized pharmacies
  • Consulting  patients and physicians about proper use of medicines
  • Compounding ingredients of a drug to create a medication  or cosmetic products in pharmacy and industry level
  • Quality and quantity control of drug, food and cosmetic products
  • Prevention of toxicity and  side-effects of the drugs
  •  Being familiar with the references of pharmacy and pharmaceutical science
  • Understanding and planning to solve problems related to health and medicine at the national level
  • Research and educational activities
  •   Commitment to professional ethics



Studying Pharmacy takes at least 5.5 years and consists of two stages:


1.       Stage one: Basic sciences and general courses

2.       Stage two: Clinical training, Internship, Thesis

Before starting stage two, students are required to pass basic sciences comprehensive exam.




1.      General courses



2.      Basic sciences



3.      Specific courses



4.      Clinical training



5.      Clinical field training



6.       Thesis








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Basic Information:
Program Type: Degree Based
Level Of study: Undergraduate
School / Faculty: International Campus
Department: Department of Pharmacy
Major (Name Of Program): Pharmacy
This program contact information:
Telephone: +98 (35)3725 8410
Email Address:
Address: International Affairs, Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences, Central Building, Bahonar Sq.,Yazd, Iran
Contact Person Name:
Program Detail:
Length of Training: ---
Language Requirement:

Some courses at SSU are presented in English including the subjects of basic sciences in the first two years of study. You should make sure to have sufficient fluency in written and spoken English to manage your course from the start. All international applicants are supposed to obtain Upper-Intermediate Language Certificate in English (ULCE) held by University Language Center (ULC) with minimum passing score of 70.00.

If a student fails to pass the exam, he/she is required to enroll in and complete general English courses at ULC before the comprehensive exam. (An appropriate course is one for which a student qualifies by placement test)

Students who plan to continue English language study beyond the requirement level may take the placement test in order to attend ULC courses.

Since field training is presented in Persian, all non-Persian-speaking applicants must attend Persian classes.


Admission Requirement:
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