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 International Branch of the Urmia University of Medical Sciences

The International Branch of Urmia University of Medical Sciences and Health Services is to be the one of the 5 best international branches of all Iranian universities of its kind in the next five years. During this period this university would prepare all the requirements for reaching the Iran's Vision in 1404. This branch is to be considered the most successful educational and research center of the region, because of its neighborhood with three countries namely Turkey, Iraq and Azerbaijan.

The Mission of the Branch

Based on the 20-year outlook of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the law concerning the administration of Industrial and commercial free zones, the international branch of Urmia University of Medical Sciences was formally founded in 2013 with the license of the Ministry of Health.

Currently, this university accepts its students based on the nationwide entrance exam of the universities in the following courses:

·         MD (Medicine)

·         DDS

·         M.Sc: (Biochemistry, Physiology, Anatomy, Medical Physics, Nursing, IC Nursing, Midwifery and Medical Entomology, Nutrition, Microbiology, Parasitology).

This branch offers an exceptional opportunity to all those who are interested in studying medical sciences and related categories. It is hoped that this branch furthers the objectives of the country i.e., promoting the knowledge and research in I.R. Iran.  



The International Branch also aims at:

·         Educating the human resources in health related courses, classically or virtually

·         Researching the important subjects of medical and health related issues

·         Attracting students and residents of foreign countries

·         Promoting the public health

·         Creating a center of scientific excellence

·         Establishing cooperation with the world's credible educational- scientific communities, universities and foundations

·         Preparing the required investment bedrock for health-related associations 

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