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1. Official Transcripts: It is an official copy of your academic record and provides information about all of your completed courses, grades, honors, you have received. An official transcript is issued and sent by the school with an original signature of a school official seal.



2. GPA (Grade Point Average): Different schools use different measurement systems. Some use letters (A, B, C, D, E/F), others use descriptions (Excellent, Great, Good, Acceptable, Weak), and still some others use marks on a scale of 0-20. Your GPA, regardless of the method of measurement, is important to us, and you should provide a certificate of your GPA. We, here at Guilan University of Medical Sciences (GUMS), evaluate your GPA according to the following table:





On scale of 20



3.5 – 4.0


18 - 20



2.5 – 3.49


16 - 18



1.5 – 2.49


13 - 16



1.0 1.49


10 - 13





0 - 10


3. English Language Scores: You should have a TOEFL or an IELTS score or any other English language certificate that shows your ability to communicate in English across all four language skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Remember that your language ability will be assessed at (GUMS), anyway. If your native language is English, you are exempt from this part.

4. Letters of Recommendation: A letter of Recommendation highlights your academic and/or professional achievements and gives detailed information about the person you are and the person you will be in the future. Letters of Recommendation are a significant part of your application and you should put a great deal of effort into them. You can ask former professors, teachers, or supervisors to write you a Letter of Recommendation if he/she

  • has significant years of experience in teaching, writing, and research
  • knows your personality very well, and can comment on your learning abilities, communication skills, leadership, compassion for others, reliability, work ethics, adaptation skills, energy level, field of interest, and creativity.

Letters of Recommendation should be written in English and must have the writer’s signature and official seal which clearly show his/her affiliation. You should ask four or five people to write you a Letter of Recommendation and you should give them adequate time to do so. Finally, you can choose two of the Letters of Recommendation and submit them to us at GUMS. Remember that GUMS) has the right to contact any of the writers of the Letters of Recommendation.


5. Resume or C.V.


6. Birth Certificate: Your Birth Certificate shows your date of birth, place of birth, country of citizenship, etc. you should submit a copy of your Birth Certificate.


7. Passport: A copy of your passport should also be submitted.


8. Four passport size photos


9. Interview: Finally, if you meet the academic criteria for admission, you will be offered an interview. It gives us a chance to evaluate your personal qualities, such as your enthusiasm, interest, leadership, decision-making skills, honesty, and knowledge of health related issues. The interview also provides you with an opportunity to evaluate GUMS. Generally, the interview lasts for a day and it is necessary for you to be prepared to answer questions on your reasons for wanting to pursue your career in the medical and health sciences field. There is also a fee for the interview which must be paid in situ prior to the interview session.


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