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The purpose of this course is to promote theoretical and practical skills of general dentists in order to offer advanced dental services to the society. During this course the fundamentals and basics of dental implant surgery will be taught both theoretically and practically.

Human teeth are an important part of the masticatory system which significantly affects the physical and the mental conditions of a patient. Following the loss of teeth, substantial functions such as chewing, speaking, and beauty become deranged.
Normal procedures include replacing lost teeth with fixed prosthesis based on the teeth or soft-tissue based dentures. Unfortunately, these therapeutic methods damage the existing soft and hard tissues and are mostly not considered due to lack of performance and comfort of the patient.
Nowadays, these older methods are facing depression. Scientific developments in recent years have led to the creation of specific therapeutic methods labeled teeth implants. These implants not only replace the lost structure but also maintain the existing soft and hard tissues. Public dentists, as a group with the most interaction with patients, must have the necessary knowledge in this field in order to offer advanced dental services for the promotions of public health. Completing this course increases the theoretical and the practical skills of the public dentist in order to offer technical and advanced services resulting in the promotion of Social public health.


Content of training program:
A) In the three fields of knowledge, attitude, and skills
1- Generic implant terminology.
2- Medical evaluation of implant patients.
3- Practical anatomy of implant patients.
4- Introduction to different system types and implant levels in implant therapy.
5- Bone considerations before placing implants.
6- Introduction to three-dimensional Radiography (CT SCAN) and how to read them.
7- Introduction to bone reconstruction methods.
8- Introduction to methods of sinus lifting.
9- Introduction to implant surgery at different jaw regions.
10- Introduction to one-stage and two-stage surgical methods.

B) Complete description of skill implementation:
After completing the course for theoretical learning and introduction to the fundamentals and basics of implant surgery, dentists perform the implant surgery stages including examination-diagnosis and radiography treatment-interpretation performing the surgery on patients under the supervision of periodontists becoming familiarized with different steps of implant surgery on human or phantom patients. Dentists become acquainted with the steps of surgery of one system.

C) Models and methods of training-learning
1- Lectures
2- Q & A
3- Training workshops and work with models
4- Practical training on patients.

Training period: 3 months (1.5 months of theoretical training and 1.5 months of practical training)


Basic Information:
Program Type: Non-Degree Based
Level Of study: Short-Term Course
School / Faculty: Dentistry
Department: Implant
Major (Name Of Program): Dental Implant Surgery
This program contact information:
Telephone: 09153115409
Fax: 0513-8829500
Mobile: 09153115409
Email Address:
Address: Mashhad dental School, Dept. of Implant
Contact Person Name: Hamid Reza Arab
Program Detail:
Length of Training:

3 months (1.5 months of theoretical training and 1.5 months of practical training)

Language Requirement:

DDS, Dentistry Degree

Admission Requirement:

English upper intermediate

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