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Hamedan University  of Medical Sciences


Hamedan university of Medical Sciences(UMSHA) is a well-known scientific and research center in various fields of medicine that attracts many students from all over Iran and the world every year. Hamedan province is considered a mountainous region, and Alvand mountain with a height of 3574 meters is located in the south and west of this province. The presence of vast plains in the north and northeast of this province in the vicinity of high and mountainous areas causes strong winds in Hamedan, which is why Hamedan province is considered one of the windy regions of the country, most of its cities are located in the highlands.


International Students

Every year talented young people with successful academic records from all over the world apply for admission to Hamedan University of Medical Sciences. They seek to reach the heights of success with hope and perseverance. So far, this university has applied for admission from 11 countries.


Medical Sciences University of Hamedan

In order to achieve health and educational goals, this university carries out its activities in the form of 6 educational, research, health, treatment and medicine, student and cultural and support departments. Also, this university has an educational area of 44241 square meters with 433 faculty members. Currently, Hamedan University of Medical Sciences is the most advanced university by accepting students in more than seventy postgraduate courses, including master's, doctorate, assistantship and subspecialty. It is considered the medical sciences of the western region of the country.

Hamedan University of Medical Sciences is located in Hamedan province, Hamedan city, Khawaja Rashid intersection, the beginning of Ayatollah Kashani Blvd.


Faculties and disciplines

1- Faculty of Health 2- Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery 3- Faculty of Medicine 4- Faculty of Paramedicine 5- Faculty of Rehabilitation 6- Faculty of Pharmacy 7- Faculty of Dentistry 8- Faculty of Medical Sciences in Asadabad 9- Faculty of Paramedicine in Nahavand 10- Faculty of Nursing in Malair

 educational and treatment centers: 

1- Ekbatan 2- Baath 3- Shahid Beheshti 4- Fatemieh 5- Galb Farshchian 6- Farshchian Educational and Medical Center 7- Imam Khomeini Clinic 8- Sheikh Al-Rais Kainik 9- Mubasher Clinic 10- Qaim Asad Abad Hospital 11- Valiasr Hospital Toisarkan 12 - Mehr Malair Hospital 13 - Shahid Heydari Hospital, Nahavand 14 - Ayatollah Behari Hospital 15 - Imam Reza Kaboudar Hospital 16 - Alimoradian Hospital, Nahavand



In order to be admitted in the university, you have to: 

1) complete the admission application form 

2) send it to the branch email:

your application should be checked by the branch before the issuance of acceptance letter. Finally you need to complete registration documents.

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