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Mission and Vision of the International Campus

Health Sciences COmplex in 1972 in a series of Bu Ali Sina University and the University of Montpellier in France with the cooperation of medicine, nursing and health began and founded with the primary nuclear facilities. The bill approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, University of Medical Sciences was established in 1986. According to the Council of Medical Universities and also the result of continuous efforts of authorities and University Faculty of Medicine with an area of ​​834 square meters total area under construction, the building complex of about 30,000 square meters land area and the Medical Sciences 220 hectares Booali shared was formed.



1- History:

The subject of establishing international branch of Hamadan University of Medical Sciences with the purpose of evolution, creation and development of educational opportunities was gone under feasibility study. Upon related correspondences and follow-ups in relation to necessity of establishing international branch of Hamadan University of Medical Sciences, Health and Treatment Services based in license issued by Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education under No. D/500/468 in May.18, 2013 and in compliance with supreme goals of 20 years perspective document of Islamic Republic of Iran and by virtue of contents of article 50 of 4th and 5th economic, social and cultural development plan, this university was established and admits students with specific terms and conditions .


2- International Branch Foundation of:

Education in international branch has begun since academic year 2013-2014 and through beginning semester, admitted 140 students in Professional Doctorate Degree, Masters’ Degree and PhD Degrees and the students will complete their studies in international branch of Hamedan University of Medical Sciences .


3- Mission

The management of international branch of Hamedan University of Medical Sciences undertook that based on general policies of Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education and in compliance with anticipated goals to be obtained in the year 2025 and within the next 10years the health, economic, scientific and technological status of Iran based on Islamic and revolutionary identity through inspiring from Islam and based on effective partnership with World Health Organization shall be significantly improved. Thus, our university shall take effective steps for development, arrangement and effective international cooperation with other countries especially neiyhbouring countries, universities, organizations, international governmental and non-governmental associations in the field of education, research, health and treatment based on available potentials of the university, so that it shall be regarded as a progressive university in the field of international communication and public relations. 


4- Perspective of International Branch.

The international branch of Hamedan University of Medical Sciences attempts that within next 5 years it shall be operating as one of the most successful branches all through the Iran, so that it will be regarded as the first 5 most successful university of medical sciences of Iran.


5- Main Missions of International Branch:

- Developing medical tourism by using treatment potentials of this university

- Counseling in the field of offering health and treatment services to related organization in neighboring countries (health care service consulting).

- Performing research and partnership plan with universities and research centers of other countries

- Admission of foreign students at general education and post-graduate educational programs

- Benefiting potentials of university for exchanging communication by and between professor and student with universities in other countries.

- Counseling and launching educational and research centers in other countries.

- Technical counseling for launching diagnosis and treatment centers in other countries. assistance

- Introducing and advertising educational, research, health and treatment potentials in neighbouring countries.

- Educating talented students through education, research and promotion of medical and para-medical sciences, developing post-graduate studies for for supplying and improving specialist human workforces. 

- Developing medical, para-medical and health knowledge through performing fundamental and applied researches.

- Ability of performing research for improving scientific level for solving health and treatment problems.

- Active participation for scientific competitions at international level, exchanging scientific knowledge with other higher education centers and cultural, scientific, industrial and economic centers at civil and international level.

- Exchanging scientific and research information related to regional and international organizations


6- Main Goals of International Branch:

- Assistance for developing higher education and post-graduate studies, prevention of leaving talented students from Iran for studying in European universities.

- Admitting students from other countries, developing Islamic-Iranian culture and civilization, developing scientific, educational and research innovations.

- Attracting Genius Iranian students studying in foreign universities.

- Introducing Iran as center of scientific and educational affairs in Middle East.

- Making income and assistance for supplying educational and research requirements of  the university


7- Strategies:

- Supplying legal opportunities for offering international education (terms conditions of recruitment and teaching language).

- Developing specific physical infrastructures for international education (classroom, laboratory) and meeting other required infrastructures.  

- Improving abilities of human workforces specifically for international education (professors and employees).

- Recognizing and attracting investors, philanthropists in the field of international education (method of recruitment, teaching language etc.).


8- Duties:

Main Duties of International Branch.

- Performing required studies for better recognition of status of universities of other countries for improving cooperation with them for internationalization of the university.

- Preparing policies and related plans for regional and international cooperation of the university with other universities, international scientific and research centers, increasing fame of the university among international associations.

- Performing required studies for concluding contracts, agreements, and protocols within the frame of related duties by introducing scientific and educational potentials of the university.

- Controlling indices for improving university in compliance with international system and following-up related affairs. 

- Introducing foreign scholarship for benefiting professors and students based on related rules

- Taking necessary actions for dispatching studentsteams for attending in global olympiad in the scientific and sport fields.

- Taking required actions for issuing certificate and introducing professors and students to foreign embassies, following-up consulate affairs related to dispatching employees and professors of the university to abroad

- Planning, arranging and taking duly action for official meeting of authorities of the university, dispatching qualified agents and employees to foreign countries and performing all necessary correspondences  

- Offering required services for traveling of official delegations of university to foreign countries and also foreign guests and delegations traveling to our university through cooperation of other universities and educational departments.

- Making required arrangements with affiliated units of universities in relation to international activities.

- Following-up related affairs for active participation of the university in internationals scientific associations.

- Planning for holding mutual scientific and research meetings, concluding cooperation contract.

- Endeavor for improving infrastructures of university for attracting more non-Iranian students.

- Arrangement for concluding contract with international research organizations and institutes.

- Marketing and attending at international exhibitions for introducing the university and admission of international students

- Partnership for improving scientific rank of the university at international level

- Preparing facilities for developing educational and research communication with world’s accredited centers

- Following-up and executing notified policies to Department General of International Affairs of related ministry

- Cooperation for holding international conferences and workshops with affiliated branches of the university




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