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 UMSHA is a large university in West area. One of the many advantages of its size is that it can offer a wide range of courses. Admission to UMSHA is granted without regard to age, race, color, religion, gender, handicap, or national origin. UMSHA admits by field of study and degree, and when you apply, you must indicate your interest in a school and degree. Residency and Fellowship programs are also offered to international students. Study at UMSHA  is based on a semester schedule. The fall semester beings in September and ends in January. The spring semester begins in February and ends in June. All international students will be admitted to start at the beginning of each semester.

University of Medical Sciences is located in a province that is famous in the world in terms of tourism.

Tourism locations


Ali Sadr Cave
 War Historical Museum  
Museum of natural life  
Tomb Bu Ali Sina
The tomb of Baba Tahryan
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