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With a Ph.D. in medical microbiology and immunology from Hamedan University, you’ll be well-prepared for a broad range of careers in research and teaching in medical microbiology, immunology and related health science fields. Hamedan has been renowned for health science education for more than 20 years.



Umsha Medical microbiology is a branch of medical science concerned with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. In addition, this field of science studies various clinical applications of microbes for the improvement of health. There are four kinds ofmicroorganisms that cause infectious disease: bacteriafungiparasites and viruses and one type of infectious protein called a prion.

A medical microbiologist studies the characteristics of pathogens, their modes of transmission, mechanisms of infection and growth.[1] Using this information a treatment can be devised. Medical microbiologists often serve as consultants for physicians, providing identification of pathogens and suggesting treatment options. Other tasks may include the identification of potential health risks to the community or monitoring the evolution of potentially virulent or resistant strains of microbes, educating the community and assisting in the design of health practices. They may also assist in preventing or controlling epidemics and outbreaks of disease. Not all medical microbiologists study microbial pathology; some study common, non-pathogenic species to determine whether their properties can be used to develop antibioticsor other treatment methods.

Whilst epidemiology is the study of the patterns, causes, and effects of health and disease conditions in populations, medical microbiology primarily focuses on the presence and growth of microbial infections in individuals, their effects on the human body and the methods of treating those infections.

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Program Type: Degree Based
Level Of study: Ph.D.
School / Faculty: School of Medicine
Department: Medical Microbiology
Major (Name Of Program): Medical Microbiology
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