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Chancellor of the University

Golestan University of Medical Sciences has been training since 1967.
In 2013, the university organized an autonomous campus with the name of Pardis to attract students from other countries.
The Pardis University of Medical Sciences in Golestan Province offers students various doctoral programs such as nursing, medicine, dentistry, etc.
The goals of this university are: to create appropriate research facilities, so that students may discover the unknown and better themselves in terms of scientific capacity, training, and efficient manpower; improving the professional performance of graduate students; and promoting the status of the university as a leading organization at the regional and global level.
 This university has been successful, due to the presence of experienced professors who have achieved a great deal of respect in science-related fields. Appropriate training, equipment and facilities, as well as low costs, distinguish this university from other universities of the middle-east.
We propose to all those, who wish to study in another country to consider Golestan University of Medical Sciences as their first choice.

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