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Amazingly Hospitable Locals to Meet

People from Hormozgan and generally Iranians are warm, friendly, and welcoming to foreigners and are renowned for their hospitality. All these come from an Iranian desire to put others’ needs first where possible which makes visitors to remember Iran as “a haven for travelers.”


Living near the Persian Gulf

Bandar Abbas is a port city and capital of Hormozgan Province on the southern coast of Iran, on the Persian Gulf. The city is the home to a strategic position on the narrow Strait of Hormuz, and it is the location of the main base of the Iranian Navy. Many tourists visit this city and and the islands of Hormozgan.


High-Quality Education

Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences primary goal is to provide high-quality education. Students enjoy the experienced lectures, the expertise of the staff and generally a good educational environment. HUMS is always looking to update the educational system and think out creative ways to adapt to international education systems.



HUMS seeks to nurture committed and proficient medical professionals to serve people and patients efficiently as possible. HUMS has research-based programs at the level of PhD called PhD by Research. At this programs, candidates will study and do researches in research centers of HUMS.


Low-Cost Life

Living in Bandar Abbas is not expensive and you can afford it if you‘ve managed to study abroad. International students are provided with affordable accommodations and educational costs. Also they can use facilitates within the campus including sport, cultural and entertainment ones.


Myriads of Medical Programs

HUMS has a myriads of programs in the field of medicine and health ranging from undergraduate (B.Sc., M.D., D.D.S., or Pharm.D.) to PhD and clinical specialty

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